Pay Per Call Marketing – Can Anyone Use It? 

  • Detecting efficiency is an important aspect of any activity. Quality detection is a must if you want to find out if what you are doing is working or not.  Pay Per Call Marketing is a performance based campaigning model. The advertised phone number is toll free, use CallBox. The traffic is routed through this number to connect the prospective consumer to the call centre or the merchant. But is the mode only for some people? Who all can use it?  
    • Publishers – Pay Per Call enables publishers to direct the call traffic similar to the way they direct the traffic which is online. There are high commissions for the publishers. Offline channels like radio and print are also used by publishers along with digital modes such as paid search and e-mails.  
    • Advertisers – marketing distribution is increased. Calls that drive the business are made. Visibility and control is improved with pay per call 
    • Performance calculating agencies – agencies that desire to increase the incoming calls for their traffic have high utilization for pay per call.  
    • Clients – clients are provided access to their customers with the help of pay per call. This improves the conversion rate of turning prospective callers to clients.